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Important health tip!
Wear a helmet


One branch of the Living Mala tree is wellness. On Samui this is so achievable: our island is a perfect environment for enhancing good health. The basic ingredients for wellness are freely available: fresh air, the sea, walking trails. And there are many resorts, spas and practitioners offering everything to enhance an easeful body and a calm mind.

And more that's free: we are fortunate enough to have access to Neal Hoptman's "Health Enhancement Lifestyle Program" (HELP).


HELP illustrates that the difference between Illness and Wellness is the essence of the Living Mala spirit, as we move from I to We.  Whether it is through group support, creative expression, service or any of the other videocasts embedded below, Neal reminds us that when WE see the world through the eyes of health enhancement rather than dis-ease identification and treatment, we transform our lives and the lives of all those around us as we HELP ourselves to health.

Click on any of these videocasts below or explore HELP's health enhancement site for a wealth of tips, links to resources and guidance.

There’s something of an irony in that by spending time on your Wellness you are being selfless: firstly by not being a burden to others who would have to take care of you and secondly by having more energy and strength to share a useful life in the community…

Gratitude: These videocasts are freely shared by Neal Hoptman who has taught much and to many all over the world. Neal joined Samui Mala 2009 as a volunteer and has inspired us to see beyond just the event to the living mala concept. Shooting, post production and uploading of these video interviews were also done for free as a public service by Martin Amada of Sitca Productions.  You can contact him at or by phone at 081 895 5354.

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And an emergency cure for the common cold. On Samui, best brand available is Blackmore's. This remedy is freely shared too... Bibi is one of our mala volunteers and has cured many with this remedy she channelled from an Austrian shaman.  Seriously, it works, but we don't recommend it as a lifestyle. Rather work on long term health and wellness as advocated so eloquently by Neal.

The story of cosmetics Learn about how major loopholes in U.S. federal law allow the $50 billion beauty industry to put unlimited amounts of chemicals into personal care products with no required testing, no monitoring of health effects and inadequate labeling requirements—making cosmetics among the least-regulated consumer products on the market. Think twice before putting on that lipstick, you might be putting on lead!

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