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Do you have time, creativity, vision, or anything else to contribute to the community? The Samui Mala depends entirely on voluntary contributions and is open to (most :)) suggestions. We would be delighted to have you as part of our Samui Mala.

Individuals can:
Volunteer time or skills on the theme days and/or join any of our organising groups. Contact any of the organizers listed on the Festival Theme Events pages or on the Contact page. Just show up and enjoy. You can show support for the organizers by participating in the various theme days.

Companies can
Donate raffle prizes, or donate auction items Donate time or staff time to volunteer for any of the theme days, participate in in the organization of the event, loan equipment.

Works in Progress: Our experience is that many fabulous ideas come to fruition as the mala week approaches. Below are some ideas that we’ve considered that may be included in the festival. Join us!

Film – Environmental films, followed by a discussion forum. Shopping venus highlighting sustainable, organic, recycled and healthy produce in the spirit of a ‘green’ temple fair.

Art - A competition / exhibition ( to include recycled art)

Food and drink (healthy cuisine and beverages that could be integrated into the opening and closing parties)

Mitigation activities: similar to "Earth Day" (when everyone switches off electricity for an hour at the same time all over the world).