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Making every day a Mala day...

We are programmed to focus on promotions, on the new and the latest, and the next exciting upcoming event... Real health and wellbeing is rooted in good habits that are not events, but incorporated into our daily lives.

Here are some ideas that focus on opportunities instead of problems.

Care for yourself. Invest time and money in your health and the development of your consciousness. Detox, exercise, meditate, eat organic, drink rain water etc.

Care for the earth. Plant a tree a month, grow some of your own food by organic methods, start to see "waste" as "treasure" by returning your kitchen scraps to the ground. Refrain from burning organic matter, this is no less than robbing your immediate environment of nourishment. Obviously reduce, recycle, reuse.

Care for people. Make an effort to be kind and forgiving - people will always do silly disappointing things, let go of it. Get involved with Mala on some of the ongoing activities throughout the year to build a clean, green and safe island, country, world. Practice developing thinking that is geared toward the greater good for all.

Educate yourself. We have all been programmed with countless erroneous belief systems. Be open to explore ideas outside of generally accepted ideas. Spend some time learning about some of the recent advances in health, consciousness, energy sources, water sources and food production. All is not as it seems - or as 'they' would have it seem (and by the way, we know who 'they' are)

Share...for some reason we all feel like we need our OWN things.. our own car, our own kayak, our own bike, our own washing machine, ... a sense of communal sharing will reduce waste and excess consumption and promote COMMUNITY...whenever we think of what we have or what we need.. the first thing to follow is how can this be shared. We share an island, now let us share to transform our island.

Avoid the main stream media. Do you ever wonder why the major cable TV channels all run the same handful of stories over and over again, as if there are only these few events happening on a planet populated by over 6 billion people. This is an extremely narrow perspective and in no way represents "what is really going on". You will feel better without it and your perception of reality will become clearer. For media sources of "good news" on some positive things that people are actually really doing on this planet start by subscribing to You can find many more resources here

Develop gratitude consciousness or "emotional maturity" by spending the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of every day in gratitude for the peace, love, understanding, prosperity and health you experience in your life. Be grateful for what you have and for the people you know. This alone will bring you mountains of inner peace.

Spend and invest your money consciously. Where is it going? Who is it serving? Avoid financially supporting ANY corporation through shopping OR investments. The corporate system is a flawed system and it is fueled by destruction and the depletion of the natural resources which belong to your children and your children's children. Buy local, invest local - in products and services that are regenerative and positively oriented. For example, 1000 dollars spent on planting hardwood trees will return more than any investment fund or annuity in existence.

Store and harvest your own rainwater for drinking. Once installed, it is a free secure water source. It is amazingly simple and inexpensive to do. Again, contrary to general knowledge, rain water requires no filtering or treatment and is more 'hygienic" than ANY bottled drinking water on the market - provided it is stored out of the sun, it will still be drinkable in 1,000 years. Avoid purchasing plastic water bottles. We have lived without them before and we really don't need them. If you must on the odd occasion, keep it and reuse it for something useful - like growing enzymes or efficient micro-organisms, but please don't just toss it - even if it will be so called "recycled", because it will end up in the natural environment (probably the ocean) where it will just kill other living things.

Value free energy sources and make use of them. We are all surrounded by immense fields of available energy and just as electricity was once unheard of and so untapped, so are these. It is our openness to the possibility which makes room for that possibility eventuating. As the fossil fuel era is winding down, it would be wise of us to use what we have left to develop other forms of power. This comes from you and I valuing it. Realize that ALL of our current energy is sequestered solar energy. Wind/tidal/solar/magnetic/radiant are all energies which can be used today and are actually cheaper and more efficient than fossil fuels when you consider ALL of the REAL costs associated with fossil fuel extraction - instead of just the dollars and cents costs.

Develop an awareness of abundance. We have been led to believe that we live in a world of scarcity and as a result must struggle and compete, when in fact with just a small amount of observation we can see that nature herself is abundant in her gifts. There is way more than enough of everything to go around - even for 100 times the population the world now supports. Awareness of abundance brings more of it to your door.

Two things to ponder:
We are led to believe that somehow the world is made up of mostly "normal people" and then a small fringe group of wierdos called "environmentalists". In actual fact, I have yet to meet a single person who is not interested in consuming clean, nutritious food, breathing clean air, drinking and swimming in clean water and living a secure and stress -free life. This leads me to believe that there is actually no such thing as this fringe "environmentalist" group of people. If you must divide people into 2 groups (an odd thing to do in itself), it would be far more accurate to have one, the majority of "normal people" and then secondly, a small fringe group of plunderers. Strike the word environmentalist from your vocabulary.

If we are to just "sustain" the world that we have now in its present state, we are sure to perish. The pollution of our, air, water, food supply and the destruction of all of our agricultural soils is colossal. We have literally desertificated our home. Global warming (global weirding) is not the issue, it is the distraction. We need to be focused not on sustainability, but on regeneration. Never before in known history have we had such easy transport and communication and machinery to do our work. Let's work on putting this gargantuan machine WE have built to work on regenerating our planet and restoring our garden of eden. Strike the word "sustainability" from your vocabulary.

Peace and love, so much to do still

Thanks the Neal and Roland for this page