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When we were young: Global Mala 2007

Ad for 2008 by Samui Channel




What the press says

In Samui Holiday Magazine, a story entitled Joining Up says:

"Samui Mala is all about healing the future instead of stealing it. For such a small island, Samui has an impressive number of voluntary organisations. And this month, from the 18th to the 26th, they’re all focused on making the island a better place to live and to visit by providing a whole host of free events at the ‘Samui Mala Festival’." Read more Joining up

yoga pic in samui holiday


In Lifestyle and Travel Bangkok, a story entitled Samui Reinvented looks at what is green clean and healthy on Samui, and includes a section on Samui Mala called "Be part of the solution"

travel and lifestyle story


In the Samui Gazette

October Samui Gazette

samui news about samui mala

September 17-30 issue Samui Gazette

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 Samui Channel report on Kid's day





And we are on the Russian calendar Russian Informational Agency FederalPress

Samui Mala inspired a feature about the Healing Art exhibition at Kamalaya which appeared in November 2009 in the Nation newspaper.

Samui Insight TV produced a video about the Samui Mala Festival 2009

A feature about ‘Can Samui stay Green’ was written and produced by Samui Mala for Kinnaree Samui Issue 1, an interactive online magazine.