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Living the Mala

Living the Mala is when we realise that instead of being pessimistic about the problem and wondering “Why don’t they fix the road? Why don’t they clean up the garbage?” we can actively choose the world we live in by contributing to the solution. We can choose not to regard our world as a reactive, ugly, complaining and disappointing place. Instead we choose to actively see and shape our world into a clean, green, nurturing, proactive and regenerative environment.

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Living Mala projects

Many of our projects have developed from and support our event ‘theme days’. Others reflect our community and relate to networking the people who have helped the Samui Mala as volunteers or as host venues or as supporters.

Water 2010-2011

Samui Mala raised over B20,000 at ISS children's day 2010, where the theme was about the water issues facing the island - drought, flooding and pollution. During the Samui Mala festival activiites during 2011, these funds were handed over to be spent on digging a well for Wat Kireewongkaram temple school. Samui Mala is proud to make this connection between different communities... linking the north and the south of the island, the children from different schools, and to be able to contribute to the community is this way.

wat Kireewongkaram well

Samahita Yoga Thailand staff, Samui Mala Volunteers and the teachers and children from Wat Kireewongkaram School in front of the new well.

Maitri 2011 मैत्री

On Thursday 8th September, Samui Mala helped to organise a music and dance concert called “Maitri” for the children of the special needs school on Koh Samui.

The intention of this concert, performed by children and adults, was to express friendship, unconditional love and kindness towards all people who are unable to perform their normal activities on their own.
The concert also aimed to inspire children who are tagged as “special” or with“leaning difficulties” to find their passion in life through artistic expression.
Maitrī is a Sanskrit word – also known as Mettā in Pali language - and means loving-kindness, friendship, benevolence, and close mental union. The cultivation of loving-kindness (mettā bhāvanā) is one of the key practices in Buddhism.
The concert wanted also to cultivate loving-kindness in children from a very young age; to encourage artists to contribute their time and talent by teaching the needy, to encourage the community to contribute effort and resources unconditionally and consistently for a good cause, to provide an opportunity for parents and loved ones to enjoy themselves in a new environment, and to create awareness about the needy through children.
In every way, the event was a success and enjoyed by all – the performances, including those by the Special Needs Children, were charming. Everyone who had a chance to participate in this lovely community event, by contributing food, gifts, time or by attending or even hearing about it was inspired by this community act of kindness.


On October 4th 2009, a week after the Samui Mala final celebration, our first Samui Mala project was launched at Ban Thai beach. This was a Biorock installation to regenerate a reef and we hope it will serve as a prototype for many more on the island.

On the same afternoon we met to explore ways to make a virtual portal to an alternate view of Samui island – a way to both present and support a new way of living in our world. We will feature events, inspiring links, people, activities and places that support this vision. We hope you will bookmark this site as it grows with the input of a whole collective of people who care and share on Samui.

Our first meeting for the fledgling ‘healing circle’ that grew out of the Samui Mala healing forum at Kamalaya was held November 7 at the Kamalaya Yantra Hall.

On October 4, 2009: a Samui Mala / Biorock prototype project to regenerate the reef was launched at Ban Thai beach. Samui Mala hopes to continue this kind of work on other beaches on the island.

On October 4, 2009 a process started to develop the Samui Mala website as a virtual portal to an alternate Samui, including directories of resources, people, events and information.

A regular healing circle is currently being established featuring healing activities, workshops and activities.

On Sunday November 1, members of GIDOA the ‘green’ dive operators on Samui, responding to an urgent call for help channeled via the Samui Mala, volunteered to remove a fishing net entangled on the reef at Laem Sor. In addition, it was decided that future actions like this could be incorporated into educational outings for children.

Samui Mala has helped a supplier offering home delivery of fresh and local food that is organic, tasty or home made with love to find support to start the business and will promote this service via mailing lists and the website.

Samui Mala is working on ways to support regular day yoga retreats.

Samui Mala is promoting and contributing to a series of educational talks, inspirational and educational movies at June’s café in Bophut.

These projects and more support our "living the mala" philosophy, where we all begin to see that health, change and wellbeing are not just part on an annual event, but integral to our lives and lifestyles.