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Links to get you smiling, laughing, rolling on the floor perhaps? Sometimes we all take ourselves too seriously. Lighten up....

You are welcome to email any suggested links.

Cartoons are underrated as educational tools, (I pleaded with my mother but she never listened) and Colin Cotterill, the creator of "Mann Farang", author of the reluctant Laos coroner novels, blogger, and generally funny chappy, has much to share with us. Check out his website and learn how to live without a 'back' button. It's a metaphor for life, perhaps.


Laughter can also literally be the best medicine. Thanks to virtualhealthresort for this clip showing the hilarious John Cleese discovering more about laughter

Serious aobut yoga? see this clip from

Mockumentary.... sometimes you laugh... and then you cry :)

No plastic bags were hurt in the making of this Mockumentary.