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Thank you! Thank you! for 2009

Samui Mala is entirely organized by volunteers. All speakers and performers offer their time for free as does almost everyone you will see working on the Samui Mala.

The entire success of the day is due to the generosity of the Samui Community and beyond freely sharing equipment, resources, and time!

All prizes, food and drink are donated. Funds generated will go towards environmental pilot projects or projects for environmental initiatives related to children and education.

As a mixed community of local islanders, mainlanders and foreigners, Samui Mala Festival aims to include all interested parties, both in planning the event and in festival activities. As always, we seek support from anyone in tune with our aims. The event has enjoyed help both from individuals, businesses and resorts, as well as local organizations and their individual members, such as the Thai Hotel Association, The Tourism Association of Koh Samui, the Samui Spa Association, the Green Island Foundation, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sisters on Samui, The Samui Businesswoman’s network, Rotary and many others.

As Samui Mala coordinator, I would personally like to thank everyone who has had any part to play in this Samui Mala. As with the Samui Mala itself, our intention is to be inclusive and grateful and to build community and connections, but sometimes there are misunderstandings: This list is not in order of importance or even alphabetical.  If there are any mistakes or omissions or any suggestions please let us know.

Shelley Poplak, Samui Mala volunteer coordinator

Thank you to Bangkok Airways for the generous subsidy to bring down three musicians for the event.
Thank you to Khun Saipayom of TAT Samui for offering and extending support for the banners and t-shirts for the event.
To Darren and Denis of Faraway Weddings for the loan of your tent and gong and for your fabulous team to support the Sunday event.
To Jo, Lorraine and the others in the Women’s Business Network for their proactive, independent and ‘just do it’ spirit!
To Claudio our Samui Rotary chairman and his team from Fantasyatwork for all their support – with the video presentation at the adventure race and for Claudio’s idea for the second hand sale concept.

samui mala 2009

Thank you always to Samui Channel for creating the UBC spot to advertise the mala, for covering the event.

Thank you particularly to Saithip for all your support for the ‘video diary’. Thank you Michael Cook of Blue Water school for your patience and input and to Narissa Bowles of Faraway Weddings who inspired this idea and made sure it happened. The video diary was an educational project for student Joe Taylor (and his brave mom Helen) visiting each and every event of the mala week and discovering the mala from his own experience. The video diary will be edited and uploaded to the web in future.

Thank you to Henrik and Graeme of Siam Map for your support with collateral, design and your calm and efficient spirit always!

Thank you to Serge Henkens and the team on Koh Samui Adventure Trophy to Alex and Ti of Zazen for helping us co-promote the Samui Mala at this inaugural event on Samui. As with any new event, there are always things to learn for next time, but this was a VERY well subscribed and hundreds of outside visitors got a new fresh look at a green and natural environment on Samui that they may not have been aware of, and some Samui people have started thinking about training for next year! We hope that we can work together again to take this even further.

To Yoga Thailand hosts Jutima and Paul who took on the Yoga Day of Peace Retreat on 21st September and teachers Lorraine and Hillary and to all the amazingly helpful staff of Yoga Thailand for creating such a welcoming, peaceful space to host this special day and launch our Mala week.

To Wat Plai Laem school and the THA green committee for putting together an impressive display of not only the work that the hotels are doing to recycle their garbage, grow vegetables using EM technology and create better environments, but also the work they are doing with the Low Carbon Schools they’ve adopted to do the same. Thank you to John Morris Williams of Kandaburi and John Ens of Rockys for being such stalwart champions of GREEN and for all the others on the Green Committee. Also big thanks to Rockys for supplying the lunch. The day was well attended by children from the low carbon schools we got to see what other kids had done, and also by the mayor and his deputy mayor, as well as the president and vice presidents of the Thai Hotel Association.

To John Morris Williams of Kandaburi Resort and Spa again for hosting this event and to GIDOA members Paul, Sara and Marion for putting together the presentations for Blue day. Other GIDOA members involved in making this day a huge success were from 100 Degrees East, Divers in Paradise, IDC-Thailand, Salamander Divers, Samui Easy Divers and The Dive Academy.

To Kamalaya owners John and Karina Stewart for hosting and to a great team led by Marc-Antoine Cornaz – big thanks for the incredible generosity and gracious hospitality to make September 25th a healing and nurturing day for all. Khun Gon (Prattana Meekaysorn) did a great job to set up the gallery, and for the whole team for helping to create collateral and display the art at its best. Thanks to Gaby Guber and Margaret Rankin and to Christian Jenny for your professionalism and seamless efficiency. Thank you for the incredibly delicious wholesome and exciting food both at the gallery and at the forum. Thanks to Nartana who did great work to coordinate the artists to put on a really successful show both for the Kamalaya day and for the final party. We were grateful to have Rob Powell the architect of Kamalaya be available to lead a (HUGE!) group through the property. To Winnie Rode: Thank you for sharing your great skills at Kamalaya for the Healing Day and for Roland who joined you. Your energy resounded through that beautiful space and it was truly awesome! To the speakers Hillary Hitt, Guy Hopkins, Dr Shabir Pandor and Karina Stewart for taking time to present their views and for all the 130 or so participants from Samui and abroad who joined the forum. Thank you to Henrik and Graeme of Siam Map for your support with collateral, design and your calm and efficient spirit always! And big thanks to moderator Neal Hoptman who not only inspired many of the ideas for the healing forum day but kept the group focused and together and who led a lively and fruitful discussion.

Thank you to and particularly to Caroline von Sigriz for the generous banner on the site prior to the mala

Thank you to Julien Balmer of the Samui Film Festival for the donation and the support.

samui mala 2009

For the Green Kids’ day the list of people to thank is huge as well: to brave Jeremy and Victoria Lees of Bluewater School who blithely handed over their new campus to the Samui Mala volunteers for the day and even let us paint the walls! To Jessica and Tash our Samui Mala volunteers for manifesting a most fantastic energy on this day. They just took it on, took it over and made it happen. This day is such a key event and the potential synergies for Samui Mala with this and other schools is the groundwork for the future of our island. We made good connections with others and while next year’s event be even more multi-cultural, diverse and just as much fun, but we can start work on our “living mala” kids very shortly. Thanks to Montien House for donating the food for kids day and for Khun Jae of Blue Water who was invaluable to make all the bits work on the day and after! Thank you to Faraway for the fruit for the children and to Khun Noi of Tamarind Springs for the home baked cookies! Thank you also to the Women’s Business Network and the Rotary Club volunteers for putting together the recycled retail sale where more than B50,000 was raised towards the Rotary Resuscitator Appeal for Samui Hospital. Thanks to Roland and Rick for creating the water display and to Neal for being a greeter and meeter. Thanks to the teachers and student of Tae Kwando for sharing their skills and to Tony and Jeff from the Samui Dojo for sword and karate demonstrations. To the kids from Wat Kiriwongkaram for the Manora display and to Asambai and his crew for the Plastic Fantastic recycled instrument interactive demonstration. To guitarist Gilbert Medam for bringing his guitar and setting up in the music room. Thanks to Lorraine for putting on the yoga class. Iew: thank you for taking on the the bag painting, for organizing the bags and for doing that on both Saturday and Sunday – I hope you had as much fun as the kids! Pom and O: Thank you for help on the brochures, the banners, the tree and the bags and for putting up with last minute deadlines and crazy demands! Rachel, Pop and Caron: for the recycled art at the kid’s day! That was great fun and you were creative and hands on for the whole activity Nick and Jay: for the great wall design and supervision at Blue Water, and to Jay for doing the bag designs. And for your support for Nartana to set up the art show too. Thanks to Dave for your awesome raffle selling skills and for handling the shopping tent on the kid’s day. You’ve been a faithful volunteer at our previous malas!  To Samui Rescue thank you for the exciting first aid demos and classes and to Ross and Lavinia for juggling and drama classes. For setting up and conducting a wildly exciting Scavenger hunt around the grounds–  nobody knows how Jessica and Tash did that AND managed the entire day’s schedule  For the kids who joined the football tournament and for the nerds who hung out with Mark in the computer room with games and films, thank you all.

samui mala 2009

Thank you also to the managers of The Blue Water café who donated all their profit on Green Kid’s day of 26th September to the Samui Mala! Thank you also to AIS Samui who donated gifts and collected funds in their Magic Box for the Samui Mala.

Volunteer Ambre thank you for your spirit on the kids day at rounding up children for the events and activities, helping paint the wall and helping, fetching and carrying on the Sunday at Tamarind Springs also.

And to all the hardworking teachers from Bluewater School who contributed with great coordinating and inspiring the kids on the day.

To Khun Ruengnam and to Mike Holehouse of the Thai Hotel Association who have been totally supportive of the Samui Mala from the beginning and who graciously partnered so much of the success of this event, HUGE THANKS!
The THA not only helped us to promote this event via their members, but for this and last year were a huge support in providing the food on Mala Madness day at Tamarind Springs. Our humble gratitude goes to Khun Supit Choo-in. As well as being the manager of Hansar Resort, Khun Supit  managed to find time to coordinate the delivery of the food for the hotels on the day and was so crucial to make that all happen. We know how much stress it is for the hotels who all want to appear at their best in such a public setting, and Khun Supit did a great job to facilitate that and make everyone happy. Thank you!

And to the purveyors of fine food on the final party day: Thank you so much for the wholesome and nurturing fare.
Absolute Sanctuary, Anantara, Bandara, Baan Taling Ngam, Centara Grand, Centara Villas, Four Seasons, Imperial Boat House, Mercure Samui Buri, New Star Resort, Paradise Beach Resort, Poppies, Sala Samui and Tamarind Springs

And a HUGE debt of gratitude to the Irish again! Paul Watson and Paul McMaster donated all the alcohol for the Coyote stand, sent their staff to man it and ensured that pink margaritas were the signature drink of choice.

For the setup on the final party day, thank you for Rockys for fixing the lights for the tents at very short notice. The sound system and lights were professional and on time!. Thank you to Setup for that. And to Nagalaya for loaning us the walkie talkies for Bandara, Baan Taling Ngam and Montien House for the loan of tables. Montien also provided housekeeping staff for washing up.
Biggest thanks of all goes to Tamarind Springs for this stunning venue and to all the staff who helped with setup, cleaning up and running the bar, reception, coupon stands and various food stands and cleaning up all day! To Khun Benjamas Pongchababnapa thank for helping with the budget for TAT, for bringing Dr Chirapol to brainstorm ideas, and for the generosity at Tamarind Springs and for lunch for the volunteers and for your cool head always when Samui Mala gets over-excited. Thank you! To Detlef Dirksen: Thank you for being so hands on and helpful for the final party arrangements, the parking, and all the logistics. It all went very smoothly this year and a lot of the success of the day was due to your foresight and knowledge. Thank you!

Thank you to Santiago Sagaz, General Manager, Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa for accommodating our three musicians from Bangkok

Generous raffle prizes which ranged from overnight stays and/or dinner and spa treats were donated by
Amari Palm Reef, Buri Rasa/Rasananda, The Library, Tongsai Bay, Six Senses, X2, and Zazen. Thank you also to Wine Connection for the donation.

samui mala 2009

Musicians who were generous enough to share their time and skills to the final party:
Samui Jazz Syndicate
Steve Bray
Kris Oliver
Keith Nolan
James Bell
Daniel Nolan
Vibe Tribe

Thanks also to:
Wat Kiriwongkaram school troupe for the Manora dancing
Four Regions dance troupe
To Talitha for the wonderful dancing
Ross and Levinia - fire dancers
Yogis and yoginis for the yoga clock
Winnie for the sounds
And thank you Omesh for taking on the fire

All the events were coordinated and supervised by a team of VOLUNTEERS who also usually have real jobs and lives and personal challenges. My gratitude to each and every one. We are honoured and inspired and blessed to be able to do this together:

Tash: For all your input to make the raffle work and for taking on personal threats to your life on that score :) and for all you bring to the party! Thank you!

Roland: there’s nothing you ever said no to! You are such an example of  “living the mala”. You helped with so many aspects of the planning, and keeping us focused on solutions always, and on opportunities and never ever letting anyone down if you said you were taking something on. Hanging banners, sorting the music, playing the music, joining the yoga, at the THA day, at the Biorock installation. And more….Thank you!

Jules: For keeping us ‘rooted’ in reality at times when we come up with too many weird ideas, for your MC time both Saturday and Sunday, and for dreaming our dream with us, and of course for the media work and getting the word out always. And for being one of us! Thank you!

Apple: What a inspiration to have you in our lives. Thank you for the tea lights and thank you for being such a spirit and for the BIN! It was a wonderful item to have around for this week, and I wonder what we can do with it? The Living Bin? Thank you Apple!

Thomas: For stepping in to take over the website and make it happen in such a short space of time despite the rickety infrastructure in your life and for pulling off the most amazing feat of heroism for the Biorock installation on Sunday. You know that meeting you and Diaw in our first mala year was an inspiration to turn our energies to healing our island, and to see the connection between a blue seas and a green island more clearly and it’s so wonderful to have you as part of the Living Mala! Thank you!

Narissa: Yes you – the girl from Wigan! You bring not only your experience with events, and your incredible connections through your family and the THA – it’s your incredible open heart and your can-do attitude and steady smile amidst the personal and work and family stress was just like a beacon of light for everyone. On top of all the planning, to take on the final party day as well and make it happen was just superhuman. And then to take up the challenge of lighting the fire under the Biorock installation after the mala and before you leave for 3 weeks work in the UK. Just awesome. Go Jane Bond!!! Thank you!

Sandra: For help with the website and for graphics and for really putting yourself out to help with the kids day activities last year and this year! You have great positive energy and it’s wonderful to know you are on side. Thank you!

Asambai: You’ve been the heart and soul of the party for the Mala since the first year. Thank you for being there despite the stresses and strains and creaking bones! We know how hard it is right now for many people to make a living in such troubled economic times, and your generosity with the kid’s workshops and the music line up and being the party always is HUGE! I know you will be part of our ‘living mala’ plans and hope to talk about that soon. Thank you!

Tam: It’s been a pleasure to get to know you and your input and fresh approach has been wonderful to include in our planning. I know Narissa would not have coped on the final day without your calm and smiling presence at all times. I was great to have you as part of our group and I hope to see much more of you this year. Thank you!

Omesh: For help with the PDF flyers and design and for being the fire! Thank you!

Rod: Such a stalwart tree – thank you for your support for June, and for all of us as a veteran volunteer of three years and for being there this year - in a dress!! Thank you!

Becky: Your healing and sweet presence is so palpable in everything you do. So look forward to seeing more of you now that you are working at June’s in Nathon  - you’ll be a more visible fixture in the firmament of stars on Samui! Thank you!

Neal: You have come in from the sea like a wind of change and energy and support and ideas and vital joyfulness. Your guidance about ‘event’ spirituality and ‘event’ mentality have really been timely, inspirational and a powerful force to make us recognize the work we need to do every day in LIVING THE MALA and to move us forward this year to embrace this more fully. You have been a pain in the neck, and we all THANK YOU for it! You may not live on our island permanently, but I know you have a place here in your heart, and in each of ours. Thank you!

samui mala 2009

Sarani, Dorien and Ruth: for volunteering your time at the final party to join the yogis, to handle the info desk and help with signage! it's not easy to work a full day at the final party when there is so much fun going on. Thank you!

Saithip: For being there whenever you can in person and behind the scenes despite the incredible workload and family and pressures you are living with. Your commitment to the green island and to the vision of change is always inspirational and your help in dealing with the various organizations and local groups is invaluable. Thank you!

Wenche: For the great pics and all your time at the Samui Mala wee and after at the Biorock day…and sorry we don’t have them all posted yet on the site. Will fix next week when we get the originals from Wenche! Thank you!

Ricardo: for your help on ideas for the healing forum and the website. Thank you!

Ross and Lavinia: For your great energy and support, fire dancing, for helping with the wall, and for getting engaged at the party! Thank you!

June: It’s very humbling to say thank YOU for ALL you have done for creating such a warm and wonderful space in your Art Café in Bophut and in Nathon for us to meet and for putting up with our demands and for feeding us when we are hungry and hugging us when we need nurturing and for being the hub and the nexus where we find each other. And for letting us paint and mess up your space and for creating the ‘tree’ for the kid’s day and the costumes for the trees on Sunday and for being the keeper of the books for the healing library and for offering your space to Samui Mala as a centre. And for being you. Thank you! Thank you!