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Festival Events 2009

From 19-27 September Samui will celebrate all things green and healthy with a festival of events collectively called Samui Mala Festival Week. The week-long festival will take place at various venues around the island.

In many cases entry is free, but not for all. It’s advisable to check the website for details of each event as things change and develop.

September 19
Racing for a greener Samui: Just before the Samui Mala, the island is hosting the Koh Samui Trophy, an adventure race including cycling, running, kayaking and swimming. The race, while not under the auspices of the Samui Mala, fires the perfect starter’s pistol for a week of pursuing the healthy life, whether personal, or environmental.
Working together: Local spas will offer massage on the beach for participants and the organizers have taken pity on Samui and have also put on a beach race of 3, 5 and 9 kilometres for us lazy locals.

September 19 and 20
Racing to unwind: As an antidote to such extreme activity, and as part of the Mala celebrations, local independent and hotel Samui spas will offer an Xtreme spa promotion for visitors to Samui during Samui Mala week, for the spouses and friends of the adventure race attendees, and for any ‘survivors’ of the adventure race.

September 20
THA sport day: An inter-hotel sport day for the Samui Thai Hotel Association to compete, enjoy a relaxing picnic, raise funds and promote inter-hotel cooperation. The focus is on community and fun with competitions like football, volleyball, and takraw.

Breaking news: The THA sport day has been postponed. What started as an germ of an idea for a small sports event has fired the imagination of the community and the organisers have decided to spend more time and effort to make this a huge success later in the year.

This supports our "Living the Mala" concept this year, where we begin to see that health, change and well being are not just part on an annual event, but a way of living every day of the year....

Monday, September 21
Yoga and peace day on the UN day of peace: Yoga Thailand will host the yoga program as a "Day of Peace Retreat". This will include guided ashtanga yoga, guided Pranayama basics plus a talk, as well as a discussion on fasting, healing & peace. The day will close with a sunset chant/ meditation on the beach at sunset. A donation for admission will go towards Yoga Thailand’s Centered Foundation charity project (renovating temples and schools in Samui).

Wednesday, September 23
Green Day: The Thai Hotel Association of Samui will take on this day to showcase and demonstrate their green activities with carbon kids, recycling and more.

Thursday, September 24:
Blue Day: GIDOA (Green Island Dive Operators Association) will host a “Blue Day” to focus on the beach and sea and environmental educational seminars at Kandaburi Resort & Spa. The association is especially preparing a Power Point presentation for educational use in the future which it will show for the first time on this day, and will offer Snorkel and Discover Scuba Lessons/Sessions for children.

Friday, September 25
Healing Forum at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa will focus on health of body, mind, spirit and the environment. The day will be titled “Healing ourselves, healing our world. A conversation among friends”. The magnificent Yantra hall at this premier wellness retreat is a superb venue to explore Samui’s role as a healing island, and the relationship between personal and environmental health. Pioneers in the island’s health and spiritual history will join and invite anyone interested in the healing arts to participate in this frank discussion. The day will also include a taste of healthy foods and drinks from Kamalaya's award winning kitchen, a guided walk with the resort’s architect, an art exhibition for local artists and uplifting and enjoyable entertainment.

Saturday, September 26
Green Kids Day at Blue Water School will focus on environmental education through fun. Children from all communities on the island will spend the day together enjoying activities, films, competitions, martial arts demonstrations, song and dance and a chance to become the stewards of the environment they will inherit.

At the same venue the Womens Business Network working with the Rotary Club of Koh Samui will organize a ‘recycled retail’ area to raise funds to buy a new respirator for the Nathon hospital. Other shopping treats will include locally sourced goodies from food to handicrafts.

Sunday, September 27
Samui Mala celebration Following the success of the last two years’ Samui Mala Celebration the closing party in the beautiful grounds of Tamarind Springs will be a fabulous opportunity to celebrate, wrap up and network. A great showcase of the world-class musical talent of Samui’s performers and a chance for everyone to party the night away.