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Samui Mala Healing Day

at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa on Sunday, September 25

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This nurturing and peaceful day started at 1pm with Dorien's lively session, with about 40 people attending. Rachel taught the second session with a light physical warmup before some breathwork, which was calming and experiential. Then before Rajesh took us in a 'journey of connection', we had a welcome mid-afternoon snack. Rajesh's session was engaging, confident and inspiring.
Thereafter, Ampinee led a very lovely gentle and dreamy yoga sessionincluding elements of dance and visualisation.
After that, we sat down in a circle for the 'panel' which Alison, the new wellness director at Kamalaya kindly guided and talked about the experiences of the day, and people shared moments of crises and how they had faced them.
These intimate and quality offerings were followed by a delightful meal (thank you thank you thank you to Kamalaya's chef
and kitchen!), Steve Bray, Dave Lehmann and Gottfried played together which combination of  djembe, guitar and Hang, according to Steve, had not been tried before. It was lovely, lively and friendly...

Samui Mala raised B5,630 for the Samui Foundation for Special Needs Learning. Quite a few of the participants were interested in volunteering time and energy at the school.
Thank you to everyone for your part in this event - for helping to organise, for teaching, for playing, for giving advice...


This was the invitation for the day's events:

Come and listen, learn and share in the day's events: a taste of wholesome healthy tools you can use to embrace all kinds of change in your life.

Join us in this beautiful environment among friends, and close the day with fun/fellowship and healthy foods and drinks from Kamalaya’s award-winning kitchen. This is a 'hands-on' day of exploring and learning. Join in at any point during the day, and leave with real tools you can use when you need them.

Dealing with Change: tools you can use

Our lives are a dynamic flow of energy bringing constant change. Fun and exciting, right? New job, new love, new sensations. But sometimes change is hard - and we also inevitably come up against difficulties, failures and stresses. No job. No love. We lose our balance. What kind of first-aid can we apply when we hit those speedbumps? What are the best tools for troubled times? Better yet, can we prepare ourselves in advance to handle these situations more skilfully? What kind of stamina can we build up in advance to sustain us when trouble finds us?

For some, working out physically is a balm for emotional or psychic pain. Others find relief in meditation, or philosophy. In art, in dance, in creativity. In laughter. In fellowship. Some try drugs and rock 'n roll. What works for you when you are down? What doesn't? How do you surf the chaos? Would you like to find out more?

Entry by donation and proceeds will go towards the Samui Special Needs school and augmenting the Karma Yoga day fund to paint the walls at Wat Kireewong school.  The suggested donation for the day is 300 baht per person, and no one will be denied entry on the basis of their ability to donate.  

Support us by joining on the day and please spread the word and invite your friends to join with us.

 Feel free to bring a change of comfortable clothing.

mandala with rob powell

Last year we all cooperated to make this beautiful mandala on the floor of the Yantra hall using coloured rice, flower petals and grains. This year Samui Mala invites you to join us on 24th September to decorate the walls of a temple school on Samui on our day of service - Karma Yoga Day. The kids from the school will join us, as well as other children, yogis and residents to brighten up the community.

Timetable of the healing day

13:00-14:00 Session led by Dorien Israel, long time resident of Samui. Dorien is the author of three books; UnBound, Tao Passages, and The Way to the One I AM. In her previous incarnation she gave personal development workshops for major corporations and governmental agencies in the United States. She teaches yoga, is a Reiki master, and Qi Gong practitioner. But since coming to Samui 15 years ago, she has dropped all that silliness and instead dedicates her life to simply being happy.

14:00-15:00 Breathwork led by Rachel Grey from Samahita Yoga Thailand. Learning to control one's breath is a deep yoga practice (called Pranayama), and it can be very helpful in those moments when life takes our breath away...How can this help you through tough times? How is it different to meditation?  What are the benefits? Come and find out... Rachel learned Pranayama with O.P.Tiwariji, and has been studying Yoga for over 10 years, from the late Sri K. Pattabi Jois in Mysore, to retreats, ashrams and workshops in Nepal, India, New Zealand, Australia, New York and London.   She has also taught workshops, courses and classes in London, Sydney and most recently Thailand where she now resides teaching at Samahita Yoga Thailand retreat centre.

We will sneak in a tea break with refreshments here...

15:15-16:15  Rajesh Ramani, one of Kamalaya's senior practitioners, is a life transformation expert and meditation teacher. He has trained and worked in spiritual philosophy for the past 14 years. Rajesh will lead us on a journey through connection - come and hear for yourself... Rajesh is an excellent motivational speaker, inspired by the vision of making a helping others and will share some simple and practical tools to move through changes.

16:15-17:15 Yoga is a powerful tool and has many forms. It's a great way to viscerally connect with change, and the flow of energy via movement and stillness... This class is accessilbe and fun for all levels, but also a profoundly useful way to em-body change. Ampinee Suwunsawet is a dedicated yoga practitioner and Butoh dancer since 2001. With a background in performing arts, Ampinee works with the breath to help us find peace. Ampinee worked and trained at Yoga Thailand, Mysore India, Bangkok and now teaches movement and Yoga on Koh Samui.

17:15-18:30 Karina Stewart will lead a panel with speakers on the topic of the day to open the discussion with all who join us. Karina is co-founder of Kamalaya, and an inspiring speaker. Karina’s life journey has been greatly influenced by her mother’s interest in natural healing, meditation, yoga and spirituality. Named “Spa Personality of the Year” in the 2009 Asia Spa Awards, Karina has studied and practiced diverse Asian healing and spiritual traditions for more than 25 years. A herbalist and licensed acupuncturist, her training extends to structural therapies such as Hellerwork and Cranial-Sacral Manipulation, yoga and Taoist practice.

18:30 Snacks & refreshment - A taste of Kamalaya’s inspired healthy cuisine

19:30 onwards:  Dancing is a fluid, fun meditation expressed through movement. Come and discover how this simple pleasure can bring light and joy to your life. There will be live music with a Hang, drums, guitar and more...

Samui Mala is a group of volunteers on the island who look for ways for visitors and residents to meet via action, events, education or networking to share their skills, knowledge, techniques and suggestions and help us all live together in a more harmonious, healthy and regenerative environment.

This healing day is kindly hosted by Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort.

Registration is recommended (latest by Friday 23rd September please) and can be done via or by phone 077429800 (ask for K Gon). While you can join in at any point during the day, please arrive so that you don't interrupt ongoing sessions.

Please please note, the topic is dynamic flow and change, and remember all teachers and presenters volunteer their time and efforts for the community SO...the timetable is subject to change, just like the topic :) PLEASE check in with the website closer to the event to check the order, presenters and timetable.... :)

See what it was like last year's healing day...

samui mala healing day

fun at samui mala healing day

 Community festival

The Samui Mala has always been supported by the host venues, local hotel and tourist associations, private businesses and individuals. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainable, healthy living on Samui, create networks of individuals interested in environmental issues and to raise funds to support educational and charitable causes. Everything is a gift! All activities are run by volunteers, all venues, facilities and materials and participation by speakers or performers is donated freely. While some venues and events can provide facilities free of charge, others charge for entry or food and drink to cover basic costs depending on circumstances, or to raise funds for education or future activities.

Green Island:
Samui Mala is a green festival so every attempt is made to use as little paper or non-recyclable material as possible. Please join friends and drive together to save fuel. Please consider alternate and mindful ways to use materials and resources that are local, sustainable or regenerative!