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Samui Mala Karma Yoga Day

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Saturday September 24 

Where: Wat Kireewongkaram School near Taling Ngam
When: September 24th  from 9am to 2pm

karma yoga day

Volunteers in all shapes and sizes joined us on this "Karma Yoga Day".

wat Kireewong children

samahita yoga thailand wall painting

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What's Karma Yoga day about?

It's called Karma Yoga (Service Yoga) - where you give time and labour for a cause beyond yourself.
On the 24th September a group of Samui volunteers, led by Samahita Yoga Thailand,  spent the day decorating the walls at Wat Kireewongkaram school near Taling Ngam as part of the Samui Mala festival of 2011. Students and teachers from many of the island's yoga centres joined the children of the school on the day. Lunch and drinks, donated by supporters, were served to the volunteers.

Community support including funding for materials came from

Food and water for the volunteers kindly supplied by 

Thank you all....

Yoga Thailand's technical team starting clearing the area, and prepared the walls with base paint and the coat of white. "We've been part of Samui Mala since the first year in 2007, and in the past, we've led yoga classes, or even yoga retreats that include stretching, breathing and chanting for peace,"  says Jutima Dallagan of Samahita Yoga Thailand, "But this year we are happy to inspire others and get off our mats to bring positive changes directly to the community."

Samahita Yoga Thailand has been active with Karma Yoga in local schools since 2008 when the first group of student volunteers went out to renovate a  local kindergarten school that was completely run down and lacked
funding. The school, and subsequently the lives of the 120 kids aged 3-7, was completely transformed. Since then the Centred Foundation, run by Samahita Yoga Thailand has renovated more of the island's oldest schools through painting, cleaning and fundraising for new bathrooms to be built.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” said Mahatma Gandhi.
Thanks for joining us on the 24th September!

All donations went to cover the paint and materials for the day and towards Yoga Thailand’s Centered Foundation charity projects.

Yoga Thailand karma kidsThanks to Steven Willeboordse for the artwork on the poster.

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yoga samui

Community festival

The Samui Mala has always been supported by the host venues, local hotel and tourist associations, private businesses and individuals. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainable, healthy living on Samui, create networks of individuals interested in environmental issues and to raise funds to support educational and charitable causes. Everything is a gift! All activities are run by volunteers, all venues, facilities and materials and participation by speakers or performers is donated freely. While some venues and events can provide facilities free of charge, others charge for entry or food and drink to cover basic costs depending on circumstances, or to raise funds for education or future activities.

Green Island:
Samui Mala is a green festival so every attempt is made to use as little paper or non-recyclable material as possible. Please join friends and drive together to save fuel. Please consider alternate and mindful ways to use materials and resources that are local, sustainable or regenerative!

yoga thailand samui mala  Photo courtesy of Yoga Thailand