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Samui Mala Healing Day

at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa

Sunday, September 26 

An exciting experiential journey into The Elements of Healing

mandala with rob powellSamui Mala Healing Day at Kamalaya was a full day of generous offerings by some of Samui's most talented teachers and practitioners, teaching about the elements - sound, earth, fire, water that are not 'out there' but part of the makeup of our cells and inform our wellbeing. kamalayaInteresting insights about the elements of architecture and Tibetan lore were shared by Rob and Lieve Powell, and this was followed by an unusual Vedic fire ceremony, led by Kamalaya co-founders John and Karina ceremony kamalayaPhoto by JD Marston

 Dr Glynda Ratliff led a meditative session teaching with sound, which was followed by a movement class including yogic and qiqong techniques with Lieve Powell. Ricardo Neumann inspired the group to explore our sense of proprioception - something we often take for granted, and our sense of touch through massage.samui mala yantra hallPhoto by JD Marston

kamalaya classAll donations raised will be given to SPARK! a group of circus performers bringing play and joy to Burmese refugee children in Thailand. yoga samuiPhoto by JD Marston

The day wound up with a magnificent spread of healthful delicious food from Kamalaya's famous kitchens, generously provided by our hosts.

This was the invite for the day's activitiies:kamalayaPhoto courtesy of Kamalaya

Unlike many other forums, there will be no lectures on the theory of healing or insights on what may activate the healing mechanism. Instead, this day is dedicated to the experience of deep healing through actual sessions and practices represented by the elements of nature.

There will be no notes to take or theories to refute, but an immersion into the modality once you enter the power of the Yantra Hall at Kamalaya. The healers will be taking you deep into the modality as a group, and it is your experience during the sessions that will do all the talking.

Starts at 9 am --- Come for the whole day or for only a part. However, please be on time for sessions....

Advance registration is required to assure we can cater and accommodate for all those interested in joining in. Please register by writing to events(at) or call 077429800 and ask for Gon.


The experiences include:

Robert Powell Presenting - Mandala for the Elements
9:00 - 11:00 hrs.

rob powell

On the floor of Kamalaya’s Yantra Hall we will create a Mandala offering to the Five Elements. Food grains, flowers and sand will be laid down to form a symbolic expression of the qualities and the interdependence of the Elements. In the manner of Tibetan sand Mandalas the installation will be swept away when completed, the Elements being in constant transformation and impermanent form.
A brief introduction will be given by Rob Powell, an artist and architect who has lived in Asia for more than 35 years, mostly in the Himalayas. His work can be seen at:

Fire Ceremony
11:00 - 12:30 hrs.

The Fire Ceremony – Sanskrit Havan or Homa - is an ancient sacred Indian ritual. It consists of offering food and our prayers to the fire representing the Sun as the giver of life and light. The sacred fire consumes our offerings and our prayers. The smoke which rises purifies the atmosphere and carries our prayers to the subtle dimensions of creation, whereas the ashes are traditionally used for medicinal purposes.
Sri Babaji said, “Havan is that which brings rain, which brings grain”. Creation stems from Havan as the manifest form of Divine Beings. Whatever we offer goes directly to the Gods invoked.
Doing Havan brings happiness and the joys of life, good thoughts and love for one another. The smoke removes what is harmful in the atmosphere and attracts what is good, thereby increasing abundance and prosperity in the world. The Object of this Havan is World Peace and Prosperity

Kitchari Bhandara
12:30 - 13:30 hrs.

Following the Fire Ceremony we will enjoy what is called the Kitchari Bhandara; a light food offering, which has been blessed in the ceremony for all of us.
Kitchari is a traditional Indian dish prepared with lentils, vegetables and rice, cooked with spices and olive oil. It is a light meal, symbolizing the change in season and a life dedicated to simplicity.

Dr. Glynda Ratliff leading Kototama 5 Mother Sounds Meditation “In the beginning, there was the word...."
13:30 - 15:00 hrs.


The Japanese word Kototama means “The Spirit of sound."The 50 sound-rhythms of Kototama are understood to be a direct manifestation and expression of the creative vibrations of the Cosmos. The focus of this workshop will be an introduction to the 5 Mother Sounds. These root-sound-rhythms are the foundation of the traditional Oriental paradigm of the 5 Elements of nature that create and affect all human capacity. This dynamic form of meditation is both a physical and spiritual exercise that can be used to diagnose and heal imbalances within the body-mind-spirit, as well as creating healing vibrations for the earth and beyond.
Dr. Glynda Ratliff is an American Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Her education with the late Dr.M. Nakazono, Sensei, included the study of these ancient principles as applied to human well-being.

Lieve Powell leading “Coming closer to your true nature through Centring, Rooting, Connecting”
15:00 - 16:30


Less and less you will need to force things
Until finally you arrive at non-action
When nothing is done
Nothing is left undone
Nothing is done because the doer has wholeheartedly
Vanished into the deed
The fuel has been completely transformed into the flame

From the Tao Te Ch’ing; The Way of Nature

By sensing, listening and receiving information from the body we can let the pose (Asana) find its form within the body, rather then imposing it. Keeping the mind soft and receptive we start to feel the body on an energetic level. We can then nourish and channel this energy and align it with a much greater field of force around us.
Fine tuning the balance between doing and non-doing we bring ourselves closer again to our True Nature, which is the Tao.
Lieve followed her passion for body-mind exploration with body work and dance forms in both the East and the West. She as studied with highly respected teachers, such as BKS Iyengar, Desikachar, Dona Holleman and many other truly inspiring yoga teachers. Parallel to her studies of yoga she nourished her other passion while studying extensively Chi-Kung and Tai-Chi and various Daoist practices with world renowned Grand masters.

Ricardo Neuman leading “Explore Your Tactile and Proprioceptive Senses” (EARTH)
16:30 - 18:00 hrs.

This session will be focusing on experiencing tactile and proprioceptive awareness, including exercises to become more aware of our sense of touch and the sense of our bodies in space (proprioception). Awareness of Energy, balance, and our connection with gravity will be enhanced through guided visualization, using and receiving touch, and movement. The Element Earth calls us. Its attributes: In the season between seasons having the condition of wind in the 9th month, the naked animal, Man, finds his or her direction in the centre. The action associated with Earth is thought, the virtue is good faith, and the sense is touch.


For background details on Ricardo See:

In Conclusion
18:00 - 18:30 hrs.

Karina Stewart, Co founder of Kamalaya, will conclude the day with an overview of the themes that we experienced and encourage participants to share insights they have had during the day.

Snacks & Refreshment
18:30 hrs.

 A Taste of Kamalaya’s Inspired Healthy Cuisine

Samui Mala is a group of volunteers on the island who look for ways for visitors and residents to meet via action, events, education or networking to share their skills, knowledge, techniques and suggestions and help us all live together in a more harmonious, healthy and regenerative environment.

This year from September 18 to September 26, Samui Mala Festival 2010 is a multi day event, hosted at different venues on the island.
This healing day is kindly hosted by Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort. All the teachers and presenters volunteer their time and efforts for the community. Support us by joining on the day and please spread the word and invite your friends to join with us in this healing journey beyond the mind.
The donation for the day is 300 baht per person, and no one will be denied entry on the basis of their ability to donate. Feel free to bring a change of comfortable clothing for the afternoon’s activities. We will provide a place to change for you and shower facilities are also available to all guests.

Advance registration is required to assure we can cater and accommodate for all those interested in joining in. Please register by writing to events(at) or call 077429800 and ask for Gon.



Community festival

The Samui Mala has always been supported by the host venues, local hotel and tourist associations, private businesses and individuals. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainable, healthy living on Samui, create networks of individuals interested in environmental issues and to raise funds to support educational and charitable causes. Everything is a gift! All activities are run by volunteers, all venues, facilities and materials and participation by speakers or performers is donated freely. While some venues and events can provide facilities free of charge, others charge for entry or food and drink to cover basic costs depending on circumstances, or to raise funds for education or future activities.

Green Island:
Samui Mala is a green festival so every attempt is made to use as little paper or non-recyclable material as possible. Please join friends and drive together to save fuel. Please consider alternate and mindful ways to use materials and resources that are local, sustainable or regenerative!