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Samui Mala Yoga Day of Peace

at Yoga Thailand

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Saturday September 18 

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yoga thailand samui mala

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1:00pm - 8:00pm

Thai version โยคะ

Open the mala and discover the peace within.  Yoga and Peace were the original inspiration for our first 'Global Mala' in 2007 which was held on the UN day of peace . So again this year we celebrate again with a day of peace at Yoga Thailand including guided yoga classes, qikong and an insight into how we begin with the peace within to reach out to others.

A donation for admission will go towards Yoga Thailand’s Centered Foundation charity projects. This year Yoga Thailand is focusing its fundraising on a little boy named Rino. He is in urgent need of a heart operation and his family cannot afford it. Read more about this charity.

yoga thailand samui mala  Photo courtesy of Yoga Thailand

Schedule of Events


1:15pm-2:15pm  Peace and Divine Presence with Hillary

Hillary Hitt teaches at Yoga Thailand

Co-create the manifestation of peace and the divine essence of its presence that we embody, as individuals and as a spiritual community.

What does true peace mean to the well being of each of us, our local and global community? Hillary will work with us on our vision of thinking peace, creating and nurturing peace, being peace, acting and living peace while manifesting its evolving aura of divine presence in our lives as one of the highest opportunities we have during our journey on earth.

Hillary will lead the group in meditation and Om repetitions

More about Hillary


3:30pm-4:30pm  Lighten Up for Peace with Dorien

One of our teachers, O.P. Tiwari, will often say “Don’t be serious, just be sincere.” In the quest for peace, we can easily become humourless and we then lose our internal peace. Through talk, explorative movement and qigong (on the beach!), Dorien will remind us that peace is happy; peace is free. Learning how not to take life too seriously will help us find inner peace, and it will also encourage peace and happiness around us.

More about Dorien


5:00pm-6:00pm Restorative Yoga Class and Chanting of Shanti Mantras/Mantras for Peace

elonne yoga thailand

Elonne will help you let go of stress and tension with gentle and healing yoga poses. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Elonne will finish the class with Vedic chanting of some of the Shanti Mantras, mantras for inner and outer peace.

More about Elonne


6:00pm-8:00pm Healthy Vegetarian Sunset Buffet

We hope you will stay to enjoy a tasty, beachside dinner at Yoga Thailand's  Sattva Restaurant.

See you soon!


Where: Yoga Thailand
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Community festival

The Samui Mala has always been supported by the host venues, local hotel and tourist associations, private businesses and individuals. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainable, healthy living on Samui, create networks of individuals interested in environmental issues and to raise funds to support educational and charitable causes. Everything is a gift! All activities are run by volunteers, all venues, facilities and materials and participation by speakers or performers is donated freely. While some venues and events can provide facilities free of charge, others charge for entry or food and drink to cover basic costs depending on circumstances, or to raise funds for education or future activities.

Green Island:
Samui Mala is a green festival so every attempt is made to use as little paper or non-recyclable material as possible. Please join friends and drive together to save fuel. Please consider alternate and mindful ways to use materials and resources that are local, sustainable or regenerative!


In the past, the Yoga clock has always been a part of our mala day, with yogis from all over the island doing sun salutations to mark the opening of our annual festival (here at Tamarind Springs 2009), and lots of spectators... This year we do it differently at Yoga Thailand, with a great lineup of classes, lectures and activities for YOU to join....