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Festival Week 2010

From September 18 to September 26, Samui Mala Festival 2010 was a multi day event, hosted at different venues on the island.

kids at samui mala education dayWe celebrated another year of living the mala’: a year where people on the island have met regularly via action, events, education or networking and to share their skills, knowledge, techniques and suggestions and help us all live together in a more harmonious, healthy and regenerative environment.

We invite you all to 'Be the change' you want to see in the world....

This is a summary: for more details on each day check out the navigation bar to link to more pics, details of supporters, schedules and and and....

Saturday September 18 Samui Mala Day of Peace at Yoga Thailand

We opened the Samui Mala this year again with a day of peace at Yoga Thailand including guided classes and an insight into how we begin with the peace within. The day was well attended by teachers and students from all over the island joining to do yoga together, meet and talk, get inspired and enjoy a wonderful meal of healthy vegetarian food. The gist of the day was that participants all discovered that as Robert Fulghum said: "Peace is not something you wish for;. It is something you make;. Something you do;. Something you are;. Something you give away."

And we can add "Peace is something you share..." See more pics of this special day.

Thursday September 23 - Full moon and the autumn equinox

Another special day at June's Art Cafe in Bophut, where friends of Samui Mala joined to make music together to be grateful for food, friends and fun.... Victor and Carlos (two of the trio Mucho Gusto who also performed on Children's day) shared their great sounds and Noiy was there to play his didgeridoo.

june's outsdie

Thanks to June and her staff for this lovely monthly Full Moon Seva Day, where friends come together to share her delicious and healthy vegetarian food in exchange for a donation towards a charity or green project.

june inside

Friday September 24: a memoriam celebration of Asambai at the Rock Bar


Amidst the pain of losing him, we celebrated the joy of having known Asambai, a much loved member of our community who died in a motorbike collision on September 4. On Friday 24th Sam would have been celebrating his birthday, and the Rock bar was one of his favourite places and somewhere he always wanted to throw a party, but he never did...The Rock Bar was  kind enough to host this celebration of Asambai's life with his family, friends and everyone that knew him. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Facebook pics

Friday September 24 was the official start of the Samui Jazz Festival running to 30th September

Not a mala event, but Samui Mala supports this event and is in awe of the great lineup of artists who played and visited our island! Well done Khun Santi and your team!

Saturday, September 25 Samui Mala's Green Kid's day at ISS

science ISSHeld at ISS (Blue Water School) and focused on environmental education - the theme this year was water -  through fun. Children from all communities on the island and the gulf spent the day together enjoying healthy and green activities, films, competitions, martial arts demonstrations, song and dance and a chance to become the stewards of the environment they will inherit. It was a great day for community with GIDOA, Samui Jazz Festival, Rotary Club of Koh Samui, Women's Business Network, Samui Bike Club, Samui Rescue and many individuals helping out and contributing... 

kids are fun

Sunday, September 26 Samui Mala Healing Day at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa

This was a special invitation for all to join us for an exciting experiential journey into The Elements of Healing. Samui Mala Healing Day at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa was a full day of generous offerings by some of Samui's most talented teachers and practitioners, focusing on the elements - sound, earth, fire, water that are not 'out there' but part of the makeup of our cells and inform our wellbeing. 

mandalaInteresting insights about architecture and Tibetan lore were shared by Rob and Lieve Powell while participants built this mandala out of coloured rice, flowers and leaves.

This was followed by an unusual Vedic fire ceremony, led by Kamalaya co-founders John and Karina Stewart. After lunch Dr Glynda Ratliff led a meditative session teaching with sound, which was followed by a movement class including yogic and qiqong techniques with Lieve Powell.

samui yoga kamalayaPhoto by JD Marston

Ricardo Neumann inspired the group to explore our sense of proprioception - something we often take for granted, and our sense of touch through massage. The day wound up with a magnificent spread of healthful delicious food that Kamalaya generously provided.

All donations raised on Samui Mala Healing Day will be given to SPARK! a group of circus performers bringing play and joy to Burmese refugee children in Thailand. 

If you missed this chance to share the element of generosity, you can contact us or give directly to SPARK! via their website.


No chance to recover:

Monday, September 27The Samui Jazz festival takes off from here with an amazing lineup of events....

October 3 Koh Samui Adventure: Racing for a greener Samui: 

This is the second year for the very successful Koh Samui Trophy, an adventure race including cycling, running, kayaking and swimming.

Fun Run

There is also a Fun Run for all: For those not keen to compete in a strenuous Adventure Race, AMA organizes a 5 km fun run for all in parallel to the main event. Everyone is warmly welcome and it's free for schools and children. Register here 

Thanks to Samui Channel for this ad airing at the moment and other media for telling our story

The themes of the festival all relate to healthy living on Samui – not only for personal health, but also for the health of the island and the planet.

The Yoga clock has been a part of all our past Samui Mala events, with yogis from all over the island doing sun salutations to mark the opening of our annual festival


 Community festival

The Samui Mala has always been supported by the host venues, local hotel and tourist associations, private businesses and individuals. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainable, healthy living on Samui, create networks of individuals interested in environmental issues and to raise funds to support educational and charitable causes. Everything is a gift! All activities are run by volunteers, all venues, facilities and materials and participation by speakers or performers is donated freely. While some venues and events can provide facilities free of charge, others charge for entry or food and drink to cover basic costs depending on circumstances, or to raise funds for education or future activities.

Green Island:
Samui Mala is a green festival so every attempt is made to use as little paper or non-recyclable material as possible. Please join friends and drive together to save fuel. Please consider alternate and mindful ways to use materials and resources that are local, sustainable or regenerative!



A "Mala" is a string of beads, representing individual elements united by a common thread.

Fundraising and support

Samui Mala events are usually are free because of the enormous generosity of  the community which support us.

The entire festival is run by volunteers, and supported by the local community in the form of time, services, food, support, venues and more.

Samui Mala is not actively focused on fundraising. However it does raise some monies from raffles and voluntary donations, and in turn supports initiatives relating the children, education and the environment.

In the past, Koh Samui’s Mala festivals (called 'Global Mala' in 2007 and 2008) have been one day events focusing on healthy living in a healthy environment.

In 2009 Samui Mala grew into a more diverse multi-day and multi-venue festival of events. This year 2010, again the festival was over a few days at different venues.